An odd feeling by D. A. Pratt

For the first time in my life
as his inauguration approaches
I feel the president-elect
will not complete
his first term in office …
I recall many wondering
if Ronald Reagan would
but that had something
to do with zeros … this time
I find myself having doubts
that the United States of America
will remain united in tolerating
the man’s demeanour
as a head-of-state
for four very long years …
a major Canadian newspaper
began a recent editorial
with the following words:
“In just over a week,
down the rabbit hole we go.”
Wonderland in this case
will be sensationally surreal …
over and over again …
until it ends … if
it ever ends …

D.A. Pratt
January 15, 2017



One Response to “An odd feeling by D. A. Pratt”

  1. donalmahoney1 Says:

    D.A. Pratt,

    I too feel that this president will not complete four years. I have had a foreboding for some time that Mike Pence will become president the way Lyndon Johnson did. This foreboding has nothing to do with how I might feel about Trump. It has to do with America and how we solve disagreements these days.

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