another morning by DB Cox

— “another morning when he must do it again—there is always another morning”… Ernest Hemingway


slow movement forward
through another day
nothing left to say
that doesn’t sound
like nonsense

as the sun sets
over his shoulders
hemingway sits looking
around the empty room

old powers & old friends gone

the telephone mute

measuring the time of day
by the whiskey left in the bottle

the unrelenting depression

in a discarded draft of his
nobel prize acceptance speech
he wrote, “there is no lonelier man
than the writer when he is writing
if he has written well
everything in him
has gone into the writing
& he faces another morning when
he must do it again—
there is always another morning”

but this summer of 1961
he was sick & sad
& his mind had grown
tired of him
he put a 12 gauge shotgun
to his head
& touched off both barrels

“papa” can rest his arms on the ropes
ignore the bell for the next round
the clanging hammer
of the morning alarm—
now irrelevant

One Response to “another morning by DB Cox”

  1. After you walked away from all of those battles in Italy, safaris in Africa, fistfights in key west, car wrecks & plane crashes, I was convinced you were indestructible, larger than life—

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