Who’s Happy Here Tonight? by Daniel Crocker

for Lexepro
Certainly not the chopped up pig
boiling in the pot of beans
in the kitchen

Not the guy whose throat
is raw again from smoking

Not the woman asleep in the bedroom
or the husband who hasn’t fucked
her in months

Some nights I’m so sure I will
die here, stoned and wondering
if my neighbors can smell it
and one day I will

feel their footsteps above me
a rattle in my chest

but for now

The only one happy
tonight is the poem
the bees thank you
the rattling pipes thank you
the fat engagement ring on the finger
of this hot mama thanks
you Anheuser-Busch thanks you
Doe Run thanks you, boys of lice
and lean faces thank you
your ridiculous call to beauty
the red pepper
added to the boiling pot
thanks you, but not me.
Not me and not the pig.

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