For a Moment by Pris Campbell


I wake from a dream,
fingernails dug into his back,
his mouth hard on mine,
remembering those days that were
siphoned away and won’t return
in this lifetime.

I was the one to leave,
so why the crocodile tears now?

One of his emails popped up
in an old folder yesterday
and, for a moment, I forgot he was dead,
doctors exhausted from attempts
at a heart restart and I want to answer
the email all over again just
like when I called mother’s old number
until the line went silent,
telling her secrets I never
could utter when still alive.


Pris Campbell has been mostly housebound with ME/CFS since 1990 so writes her poems to escape into the world again. In addition to numerous journals, she has published seven chaps/books of free verse poetry and, most recently, her first romantic tanka book, Squall Line on the Horizon, through Nixes Mate Press. She makes her home with her husband in the Greater West Palm Beach, across the waterway from where Trump twitters in his southern White House.

3 Responses to “For a Moment by Pris Campbell”

  1. priscampbell Says:

    Thanks, Scot!

  2. Winnie Star Says:

    Dear Pris – I have always loved reading your poetry and am always moved by your verse. Thank you.


    Winnie Star

  3. priscampbell Says:

    Winnie, thank hou so much!

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