Going Home by Pris Campbell


The old man walks down
the center line of Jenson Boulevard
in his best suit, shoes spit-shined.
Cars honk.
Curses abound –
get out of the road you crazy fool!

A truck driver pulls over,
tries to guide him to the sidewalk,
only to be whacked by the old man’s cane.

Cell phone users gather.
Some call 911. Others record in case he’s hit.
They’ll have the video for the evening news.

The old man doesn’t understand the ruckus.
Mother will be waiting for him,
with milk and cookies.
He doesn’t want her to worry.

Two cops finally pull up, take him
by each arm, check the bracelet
on his left wrist, load him into their car.

A woman in white wrings her hands
when they park beside a squat,
institutionalized building. She takes
him to a small room, tells him he’s home.

The sun knows and the moon knows
this isn’t home. Home is somewhere
along that big road outside.
He’s determined to find it.

He’ll try again the next time
a door is left open.

9 Responses to “Going Home by Pris Campbell”

  1. Linda L Ludwig Says:

    Love this sad scenario that takes place everyday with our seniors! So beautifully portrayed a Pris.

  2. Dave Ruggles Says:

    This one makes me wonder, isn’t that what good prose does, makes you wonder. I like it.

  3. Margaret Walker Says:

    Incredibly poignant. Beautiful, Pris!

  4. Very special Pris. It has me thinking of my future.

  5. Pris Campbell Says:

    Thank you all for your comments!

  6. Mosaad Ghonrim Says:

    What a delightful stimulation for hope, thanks Pris Campbell, a like from Egypt.

  7. priscampbell Says:

    Thank you, Mosaad!

  8. Pris – Such a poignant poem. I especially love how the last two verses lead the gentleman forward…


  9. Dan Campbell Says:


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