sweet songs of coming home by DB Cox


january wind
cuts like a chisel
through cemetery
rows of expired
parking meters
tiny tombstone
that time never sleeps
waiting grave markers
for more young junkies
done-in down
one-way streets
still unwilling
to swap a half-world
of unfillable space
& gratuitous suicide
for a valid world
of comfortable clichés
& pipers playing
sweet songs
of coming home—

does anyone know why
they climb inside the darkness
of their own souls
day after day
for the closest point of departure
at the walls of “the box”
the empty “soul of sanity”

after learning
then forgetting
the weary language
of the american conversation
was there anything else
to be considered

one more online psych-doc
to fly a shiny reason
for staying
in this crumbling world
by this endless river

does anybody know
how long this curtain
has been falling

One Response to “sweet songs of coming home by DB Cox”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    Good show as always. We need to talk.

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