Live for the moment
the past is a ghost riding
an empty midnight train

sing like a hammer sings to a nail
tread softly thru the night where dreams
lay like land mines
ready to explode on the tattooed dawn

run barefoot with children in the park
listen to the sound of their breath
drown in the innocence of their eyes

ignore your enemies
false prophets drowning in quicksand

wrap your head in a song bag
lock your ego in the clothes closet
wear the eyes of an owl
write words soft as chalk
not like ball-less careful poets
in love with the business of poetry
wed to the immaculate chain of money

strip the flesh to the marrow
be a one person quire
light up the sky like a million
fireflies in flight to mate with
the sun


3 Responses to “ADVICE FROM AN AGING POET by A.D. Winans”

  1. S.A. Griffin Says:

    Great words, great advice.

  2. Carter Monroe Says:


  3. Thanks S.A. and Carter. Hopefully some young poets will listen.

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