3 Poems by Hosho McCreesh

Caught Between the Boot-heel
And the Cold, Hard Ground…

Goddammit, now
either you

and suffer
for it;


you love


it has
to be


The Hell We’ve
Decided We
Can Stand…

She’s gotta be a
this starved thing,
drug-lean as a jackal,
her sunken face painted up,
wearing 1970s Goodwill fashions
thrown out by
a dead doctor’s
dead ex-wife’s

On the coldest, blankest mornings
there she is on 6th,
cigarette in a gnarled mitt,
smoke mixing with her
frozen breath,
heels clacking,
walking like a
young deputy
trying to impress
the Sheriff.

I can only imagine
where she’s headed.

I imagine offering her a ride

then remember every episode of COPS,
the police saying, “what’s going on here?”
and the sad, poor
whore in the crosshairs
saying, “He’s just
giving me a ride!”
and all the cops

So I drive on,
her taut-skinned skull of a face
shrinking in the rearview,
me back to my desk job,
and her to wherever,
each hoping for an easy day
and that we’re actually choosing
the hell we’ve
decided we
can stand.


It’s 12:19, Sunday Night,
Well, Monday Morning I Guess…

And even though I
have to be up early for work,
I can’t sleep,

don’t want to sleep,

don’t want to
miss something,

even though
nothing is

I lost my paying writing gig.

Found out another book has
just gone out of print.

And I got news today
that my novel was

Meaning my life
isn’t going to change.

Meaning I will stay
a small press nobody.

Meaning I’m not sure
I can keep this up,
can’t keep pretending
and trying to be a writer

So I write this poem,

shut out the light,

and listen to the
clock tick

2 Responses to “3 Poems by Hosho McCreesh”

  1. Well, if you write poetry, you have two ways that you can go: You can be a “small-press nobody”, or you can be a “large-press nobody.”

    Or, like Jackson Brown once sang: “You can be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender.”–just a common, everyday “nobody.”

  2. jkvanburen Says:

    You are definitely a writer, couldn’t stop that if you tried. I don’t see anything pretend about these three.

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