Jimmy Skins A Sucker by Robert Halleck


We walked out the door into
fifteen minutes of break time.

Woody’s food truck and Jimmy
the knife trader were waiting.

Woody had Susie Darling on his
over amped sound system,

greasy donuts, and oily coffee.
Jimmy had knives and day old

bananas, oranges, and apples.
With a sly grin he opened his

latest find—A Buck Open
Season Skinner knife.

The rugby scrum formed
as the blade snapped open.

He cut a piece of paper to
show the razor edge on the blade.

We needed that knife. Jimmy
had one easy way to buy:

cash on the barrelhead, no
money down, no credit plan.

The break was short.
Jimmy made a sale.

The urban hunters went
back into 100 degree heat.

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