Another Night Without Yr Voice by LYNNE SAVITT


makes the frigid air seem colder
inside i see my breath spiral like yr
cigarette smoke outside the motel
door those humid warm summer
evenings we spent living in air
conditioning ourselves for the
inevitable split apart like shelled
peanuts we ate in bed watching
the yankees lose the attitude my
love how I miss the nightly sweet
sounds of yr longing melts me daily
my fingers running through the coats
of my dogs garner my affections these
days but the nights still after
more than four decades belong to
you got older first by having a stroke
& I came to you too late for motel
rooms & the haze of sex that carried
us for years & years & years oh baby
tonight it can’t be any colder below
zero chance of our bodies working
together again I listen for the ring
bringing yr voice to me, in me warm
as summer motel memories
of an old woman still loving an old man


One Response to “Another Night Without Yr Voice by LYNNE SAVITT”

  1. joan voss Says:

    a beautiful soulful lament of longing. This might be a blues song sung by Billie Holliday to her man gone far away. Lynne Savitt writes clear and sharp from the heart. Love her words and wisdom and power to woo us from the mundane.

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