Two Poems by Craig Firsdon

The Star

his disability is not
the center of attention
tonight as he reads
he is the prom king
in the glitter shine
of the disco ball
the brightest light
in the midnight sky

he is the only one there
that doesn’t know he is special
no one mocks him
no one treats him different
they listen to the strength
and commitment
in his words
with attentive stares
poem after poem
each one a new dance
with new motion
and new rhythm
allowing him
to lose himself

they applaud
poetic waltzes
the claps
the finger snaps
a ballad of sounds
compliment him
building his confidence

watch him
listen to him
tonight he is
a dancer
a poet
tonight he is
the star



Closer (Images In A Mirror)

The mirror spoke to him in words unspoken.
An infinite number of truths growing day by day,
every breath he inhaled led to another scar.
that passed by unseen by his vision, his soul,
only another checkmark on every bully’s list of fulfilled tortures.
Even as the checks appeared, check one, two, three,
the whips cracked and gashed his soul
leaving permanent tattoos as reminders of his pain.

He still stared at the mirror in front of him
as it rambled loveless melodies on and on
with an image that said it all.
No smile.
No one cares about him.
No one notices him until he’s gone
and when they do he’s remembered
for one short moment in time
when he was true to himself
But to others what seems to be a triviality,
something that is nothing,
just words to him and only to him
and his wrists become like his heart, sliced by each syllable,
nouns and verbs cut deep
cut by cut by intentional cut,
he bleeds until he no longer can bleed anymore.
As the words become sentences,
sentences become razor blades, Xanax and shot gun shells
and continue to cut,
to swallow,
to pull the trigger.

Eventually it all begins to fade,
getting darker as painful shadows
get closer and closer.
Drifting, thinking of what others have said
what they have done and continue to do.
What will I do?
What have I done?

They say they understood him
but they didn’t.
They wonder why he would hurt himself,
they had no clue.
Objects in mirrors often appear closer
than they actually are.

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