to understand the emptiness by DB Cox

—Every day, more than 90 Americans die after overdosing on opioids… why?

the needle knows the way
once more, i lean over “the hole”
& let myself go

for a second
i feel as if i am hovering
but i know that i am falling

time is lost
with no references
i have no perception of body position
i have become the dark

at times
i seem to be on the verge of some vital discovery
when i try to verbalize scattered thoughts
the words die-swallowed by the vacuum

the old force pulls at me constantly
i am being eaten away
soon i will vanish
this arcane “machine of want”
will crave no more

my only hope for salvation
was to understand
& accept the emptiness
of a 24-hour day

i have lost all faith
in the notion of an “ending”
to get to the bottom of “the hole”
was my only goal

now I’m certain
that I will never see
if i’m inside “the hole”
or “the hole” is inside of me


2 Responses to “to understand the emptiness by DB Cox”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    Damn . . . Another great write, D.B.

  2. Carter,

    It always means a lot to me when you respond to one of these pieces. Thanks for the great memories.


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