Two Poems by Matt Borczon

Harry Houdini

once escaped
from the
belly of
an octopus
he was
the first
to fly
a plane
over Australia
and would
escape from
any box
or strait jacket
hand cuffs
or cage
sight unseen

so when
I was
shy and
unable to
fit in
too small
for football
and bullied
for my
long hair
and unpopular
taste in music
I carried
his biography
with me
daily like
a bible

proof you
could escape
if you
really really


Band reunion

I will
bring the
ghosts from
the last
war you guys
bring the
and grown
the lesbian
affairs and
Brent can
bring the
ashes of
his dead
ex wife
and we
can all
plug in
and play
on heavens
door and
mean it
like we
never could
at nineteen

One Response to “Two Poems by Matt Borczon”

  1. Matt Dennison Says:

    Great stuff, Matt. Esp. the second.

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