for the children by DB Cox


when he was a child
he carried a little
of the world
around in his pocket
a smooth rock
from the creek
that ran through
saturday woods
a copper penny
found by a steel rail
all to hell
by heavy metal wheels
back then
he had a certain way
of looking
at the world
close to the ground
direct contact
he could see things
that are now
out of the picture
perspective wrecked
lost in the mad static
of everyday noise
need a push
need a shove
need a boost
need a new drug
to take him
from point “a”
to point “b”
hauling ass warp speed
no time to focus
on a chaotic world
always in his
rearview mirror
forever fading
like that shadow
of a kid
who was unafraid
to stand up
& speak out
for what he believed
to be right

why you can’t
put a price
on human life

he has no idea
where or when
he lost his way
in that crazy space
between the dark of night
& the light of day


3 Responses to “for the children by DB Cox”

  1. Johnny English Says:

    Don, nice to know you’re still alive and well…

    …”Every now and then, I know, it’s kind of hard to tell but I’m still alive and well”. ~Johnny Winter

    …..and so am I…….. ~ Johnny “Blues Boy” English

  2. Hey Johnny. Spending too much time in the V.A. Clinics these days. But like ol’ Duane used to sing: “I have had my fun, if I don’t get well no more…” “Alive” is an easy word to pin down. “Well” is a slippery SOB!

    “Re-examine all you’ve been told” — Walt Whitman

    Here’s to “Blues You Can Use” and better days.


  3. Carter Monroe Says:

    As always, fine work my friend.

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