nada mas maybe something more by SPLAKE


death often comes fast
life ending quickly
collapsing on treadmill
running to eagle river
body pitching in tall grass
rocky wilderness path
climbing in the clifffs
face down
kitchen table ending
unfinished poem
left in mid-sentence
final act without
meaning or conclusion
poet’s reputation
rapidly disappearing
collection of writings
gathering dust
in university archives
remote possibility
zoschke’s literary remarks
“city lights” bibliography
will make others note
another henry darger
writings and paintings
finally recognized
after quiet driven life
sad artistic despair
after years of working alone
starving artist solitude
everything suddenly lost
creative works forgotten
but something might exist
between reality and nothing
in different dimension
poet discovering
richard brautigan real
living with pauline
gentle life together
piney woods wilderness
working on new book
writing in little shack
north of ideath
learning much wisdom
from grand old trout
living upstream
near statue of mirrors
enjoing black watermelon days
delicious soundless feasts
often exploring forgotten works
finding special things
apple pie coffee breakfasts
sweet bluebell flowers
warmly embracing pauline
trout hatchery dances
watermelon sugar happiness

2 Responses to “nada mas maybe something more by SPLAKE”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    I’ve been a splake follower for years. This is him at his best. I seriously doubt that his reputation is “rapidly disappearing.” “Backwater Graybeard Twilight” is one of my favorite books of poetry to emerge from the small press in the past 30 years. As time passes and the relevance of poetry changes (as we know it will), people will still be discovering him. One doesn’t become a poet simply by writing and publishing poems and books. In this day and age those things aren’t really that difficult. Such a moniker represents a commitment and even a lifestyle if you will. t. k. splake can lay legitimate claim to that title and I’m glad to have the opportunity to read (and have read) him.

  2. There are a few treasures, he is one of them.

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