casting shadows by scot young

jill may

followed the wrong dream
traded family albums for cardboard
and crack pipes
alcatraz fog
slips in steals shadows
surrounds her

turning tricks
on jones street
scoring the next fix
of crack
or smack

You know I’m gonna clean up soon
she grinned

in doorways
wrapped in mist–ragged blankets
she slides the needle
in her neck
the best place to relieve
the cold shiver
the crack hunger
the throwing up
of dumpster food

dealers see her
talking to cops
debts unpaid
trying to clean up

they found her
doused with gas
a burnt cross

casting a shadow
on a black wall


5 Responses to “casting shadows by scot young”

  1. A tough one, Scot. Great write.

  2. Carter Monroe Says:

    Yes, a fine one.

  3. “fog
    slips in steals shadows
    surrounds her…”

    the fog widens every day… stealing shadows in new places.

    Thanks for this heartfelt poem.

  4. Thanks for reading

  5. Pris Campbell Says:

    Powerful poem about a horrifying situation.

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