Not an age nor an era by D. A. Pratt


This is not an age
nor is it an era
and everyone should stop
using these terms: they exaggerate
the mini-moment the world is enduring
and we definitely don’t want to do this —
it truly is “fake news” to call
this an era or an age …

We’re experiencing a period … yes …
a period … this is exactly what it is …
and clearly what the world needs
are tampons worthy of the situation … yes …
tampons … tampons to handle
what we’re all going through …

The world’s collective endurance
of the forty-fifth president
of the United States of America
will ultimately end up being seen
for what is really is: just a period …
not an age … nor an era …
there will be light days
and heavier days —
the tampons we need
will have to be versatile
but that’s all we need …
the flow will end
and we’ll all quickly realize
that the whole damn thing
wasn’t an age
nor an era …

2 Responses to “Not an age nor an era by D. A. Pratt”

  1. you’re a good one, my friend. this is damn good work. unusual, interesting and very much you!

  2. Pris Campbell Says:

    Good one!

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