Three Poems by Marc Olmsted


I saw the clouds rainbow’d
from the air & then then saw
the fires & when the plane landed
the beautiful horror of the setting sun
an angry red ball
on the tarmac horizon





In the public restroom
I am startled by my newly
bleached-out hair
but I’m still old –
now back in the ER
with suffering wife stretched out
in the harsh light
at the end of time
where nurses march through & little happens –
glare down o hospital light!
– fierce bardo glow –
suffering’s end is just a gap
between thoughts
– bedpans & ultrasound cables, her plastic veins to IV bag
suspended cool translucent
from the space
probe rack




the ants were exterminated
the prayer beads broke
I like hamburgers
prayer flags across my roof
how many thousand insect ghosts
blacked out in a white hot scream?
eat your carrots
recycle in the red smog
the plastic bottles
they no longer take

2 Responses to “Three Poems by Marc Olmsted”

  1. These are beautiful poems, especially “Fierce Glow.” Really fine.

  2. Michael Aaron Casares Says:

    Reblogged this on Virgogray Press and commented:
    New work from o.g. beat, Marc Olmsted. Truly dig his style of writing. “Fierce Glow” is a brave poem and strikes me personally, “California Burning,” a visual and integral example of his style, and “Prayer for the Ants I Didn’t Ask Killed,” quirky, yet deft with imagery. Good to read from him again; he never ceases to inspire.

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