GHOST VISIT by Brian Rihlmann


He’s been gone
a couple months now,
but the waves keep coming,
as her sniffles and sobs
drift through the office.

But today I hear a snort,
an eruption of giggling,
and glance over
to see her
hunched over her desk,
hands covering her mouth.

After a moment,
she sits back
in her chair, sighs,
and whispers,
“Honey, you’ve got to quit
saying stuff like that
while I’m at work.”

I look around,
but I see no traces,
hear no echoes.

He’s only here
for her.

One Response to “GHOST VISIT by Brian Rihlmann”

  1. This got me in a head twist, in a good way. Decided on my interpretation and I like this a lot!

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