IT’S GOTTA BE AOC by Marc Janssen

Foxes newest bogeyman
Of course not a member of the clan,
Catcher her catch her, if you can
This darling of C-SPAN
Makes Hannity look like a caveman
A madman
Just keep dishing that garbage, man.

She just got there they whine
Obsess about her hem line
Confused she’s not a concubine
Don’t understand the green lifeline
Blow up and keep stepping on that landmine
Not bowing to a dollar sign
Or mainline
Made a cutout of her next to the “Socialist breadline.”

Every day’s another slight
Another note that she’s not that white
More from the deranged alt right parasite,
More from the slant-head luddite,
More from the establishment snakebite-
To them she’s kryptonite
She a Jacobite, a blazing light, a frigging muscovite
But the reality is, she’s smart, integrity and up to the fight.

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