Two Poems by Matt Borczon

As a kid

I walked
past a
dead animal
I would
hold my
breath and
walk fast
to keep
death out
of my

I still
do this
it’s a
reflex or
I am
trying to
hold it
in now

ten years
of carrying
the ghosts
of Marines
and Afghan
fighters of
dead children
caught in
the crossfire

makes me
think that
people should
hold their
breath and
walk quickly
past me
any time
I cross
their path.


I identify


with my
kids at
the eye
watching a
spider crawl
across the
floor when
my daughter
jumps up
walks over
and stomps
the spider
with her
foot I
look at
her and
say I
was just
going to
let it
go by but
my daughter
says it
is a spider
I can’t
do it

and I
about what
I still
need to
teach her
about respect
for life
in all
it’s forms
when I
don’t say

I think
life is
easy at
12 you
know you
aren’t a
spider that
you are
more important
than any
bug and

I don’t
want to
tell her
that I
know how
it feels
to just
want to
go by
Un noticed
and what
it feels
like to
get stepped

I don’t
tell her
that because
I know
life will
over and
over again
soon enough.

One Response to “Two Poems by Matt Borczon”

  1. Excellent excellent excellent.

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