The Last Night of Sixty-Six by Catfish McDaris

Sleep wake dream wonder think
Where will we eat on my birthday
To make my lady happy, food
No longer matters to me, peace,
Happiness, a cup of strong coffee

Song of a bird, bark of a dog, a
Child’s laughter, rerun of a life
Movie, watching my daughter
Hugging a stranger instead of me

Going to the Taj Mahal for Indian
Food and seeing the men stare at
My wife, they wonder how I am
With a beautiful woman, she is

Not from India, the waiter asks me
For my order, I like naan from the
Tandoori oven, I ask if there are other
Meats cooked in there besides chicken

He replies, cama, I say what’s cama
I know it means bed in Spanish, he
Calls his wife and she says cama cama,
Do you mean camel? They both say
Yes, I say fuck if I’m eating a camel

I wake up, my lady asks, do you want
To eat at the Taj Mahal? I reply not
This year, please, I feel like smoking
Guess what brand, Camel Menthol.

One Response to “The Last Night of Sixty-Six by Catfish McDaris”

  1. send your camel to bed.. bravo man good stuff!

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