three poems by LYNNE SAVITT


when doctor told me i wasn’t surprised
like stars in wyoming skies summer
of 1976 my family twinkles with tumors
& mine waited me out giving me life
poetry children sex grandkids dogs
retirement cannot complain breast
i carried meat balloons headlights
from age twelve there is pain regiment
treatments to increase length of life i
ask for two years to see my oldest
granddaughter graduate medical
school is not so bad younger grand
kids surviving covid lessons at home
gymnastics swim team chances taken
for life i want long healthy peaceful
roads with joyful rides for all of them
will be my loving legacy from stolen
decades thoughtless debauchery no
regrets blessed to hear younger one
speak on carbon footprints see their
visions for better world what more
could i ask already my head stuffed
with passionate unforgettable photos
flash behind my eyelids glad i never
wasted time on philosophy of mortality
kiss me i tell my men in pink cougar
dreams i still have sunsets & my darling
fluffy dogs nestled by neck




you fell again singing one stanza
songs left on my voicemail sweet
but weak look for package of frosted
christmas cookies i sent yr way green
red sprinkle dotted trees & creamy
white angels long way from porno
dvds & sex toys we used to exchange
clipped conversation hard for you
to hold phone my burns not healed
yet & trying to kick pain pills i can’t
be anywhere but here hugging toilet
like cool detached lover is this the
way we end locked in our separate
apartments talking sports & grandkids
i laugh when you say i’d like to bite
yr ass & ask where are yr teeth oh,
baby, this our fall from grace but
not from love



she thought of the workshop
taken in her twenties when award
winning poet told her to tackle
important subjects death politics
of war the holocaust for over fifty
years she used sex as metaphor
juice to write never tired of its
physical mental muse wore it
like her trademark hats never
sorry for body parts sliding on
her page wetting all appetites
into her seventies still pursuing
lust now sweet little tarts having
devoured frosted cake of its last
crumb then doctor said it’s cancer
where did hunger flee to surgery
tattooed for radiation where does
sloppy lush liquid go when they
slice her & fry her & she cannot
touch loved ones in virus gone
crazy world dries up everything
inside her wish for one more
chocolate stranger’s kiss one
more wet pineapple poem

3 Responses to “three poems by LYNNE SAVITT”

  1. A.D. Winans Says:

    Lynne remains my favorite female poet. Real all the way to the bone reality poems here. Especially liked the last one but all three are touching.

  2. Gary Stewart Says:

    It’s hard to believe I’ve been readin g Savitt’s poems for almost 50 years. She’s been on an interesting trip & I’ve enjoyed taking it with her. She does the job of making you feel things. As serious as her subjects get, you can always find humor & love. I hope her old man finds his teeth & that Savitt remains around for many more years.

  3. George Wm Fisher Says:

    three poignant updates on a vital life – these latest chapters are among her best. we’re all very fortunate Lynne Savitt continues to develop & grow as she ages – and hopefully will for many years to come. Who can compare?

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