Lawrence Ferlinghetti is Dead, Long Live Lawrence Ferlinghetti! by S.A. Griffin

Howling Allen Ginsberg
got shot out of history’s atomic canon
and never stopped flying
Ferlinghetti prints the poem as news hysterical naked
and gets busted for publishing obscene odes

the law fought the poem and the poem won

without this greeting at such great beginning
there would be no Beat Generation heard ‘round the world
and I would have descended a very different staircase
and would not know my wife
nor most all my friends

Ferlinghetti climbs down from the gaunt tree of war
and with his poet’s eye sees fists of Hiroshima and Nagasaki blossoms
shadowboxing in the dark and declares god
a fraternity of one hung up on eternity
a frightened lonely child
pissing himself

the poet’s dog lifting his leg knows
that democracy is deconstructionist porn
for masturbating objectivists
and as of this writing
the poet himself has shed his bony skin
and is no longer making this carnival scene

and from those of us here
still snapping in ripe time
most gratefully and lovingly we bid you
good night sweet paperback prince
may choirs of scat seraphim
sing thee to thy authentic angel headed rest
everything ends lost and found
as rebirth and revolutionary wonder

Oh, man!


4 Responses to “Lawrence Ferlinghetti is Dead, Long Live Lawrence Ferlinghetti! by S.A. Griffin”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    World class as always!

  2. Pris Campbell Says:

    S.A. Is tops. Love the poem!

  3. Thanks guys. An old friend, Ben Downing, gave me a copy of A Coney Island of the Mind, blew my tiny head into big pieces. Sadly, my pal is quite long gone. Met him at the same place I met all the Carma Bums (except Scott), at the Water Espresso Gallery in Hollywood. First place I ever read my poetry in public. Ben was a gentle giant, much like Scott Wannberg. Ben tried to make it as an actor, then moved back home to Arkansas and worked as a journalist for a few years until he passed away at least 25 years ago. He was a great guy. His copy of Coney Island with his name written on the inside front, which he gave me, is now with the rest of the stuff at UCLA. Hope that they are both swinging on a bop star bending towards big love right about now.

  4. Pris Campbell Says:

    What a great story, SA. Ferlinghetti and Ginsberg left a mark on so many of us.

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