All Around Cowboy

“Scot Young may not want to hear this, but he isn’t a cowboy, not in the movie poster sense anyway. This book, his first, is the history of the man he’s become, stronger than his heroes Richard Brautigan and Charles Bukowski, educating young people, publishing countless others without thought given to personal reward, often helping them when they’re not in a position to help themselves, opening his heart and sharing a great love of literature, Scot Young is a great poet, but anyone can do that, he’s an even greater man, so I take it back, maybe he is a cowboy, but let’s be clear, John Wayne would never have the balls to be Scot Young.”

-John Dorsey, Author of The Prettiest Girl at the Dance


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“I find myself reading and rereading the poems in Scot Young’s amazing book, All Around Cowboy. Scot renders the fundamental “stuff ” of life and death in a way that is poignant yet never sentimental. He grew up in a hard place, much as I did. I can identify with his experiences. His lines concerning beer joints, rifles, car wrecks, country music, love and sex, initiation, rock-and-roll, whiskey, drugs, recovery, surviving, and, ultimately, thriving always ring true. This is a book of extraordinary honesty. It’s also a remarkable achievement in terms of consistency of tone and style. I highly recommend All Around Cowboy.”

-W.K. (Kip) Stratton, author of The Wild Bunch and Betrayal Creek




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