Michael J. Arcangelini




Last night I encountered a
Herd of wild dreams grazing
In a lush mountain meadow
With a creek running through it
Stocky like bison with taller shoulders,
Longer legs, and bigger horns
I inched closer to get a better look
One of them noticed me, our
Eyes locked, we both froze
It started to move toward me
Slow, sniffing for my scent
Large cock and balls swinging
As it moved closer through the grass
I was rooted to the spot, petrified
He was now just two arms’ length
Away from me, I could smell and
Feel his breath as he snorted,
Shook his head side to side,
Looked at me with innocent eyes
I reached my hand toward him
Palm open, motioned with my fingers
For him to venture closer
He stepped into my reach
I rubbed under his chin, scratching
At the rough fur, wet with drool
Then eased around to stroke the
Crown of his head he seemed to almost
Purr, pushed his head against my hand
He closed his eyes, his flanks shivered
I kept petting him and speaking softly
About what a magnificent beast he was
Then something I did must have
Spooked him, he reared back
Bellowed loud and long
The herd interrupted their grazing
Looked across the meadow at the two of us
Then turned en masse pausing for
One terrifying moment before
Stampeding straight at me.

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