Matt Borczon


Out there

Somewhere tonight
a young boy
parks beside
the airport
and points
a gun at
his head
for the plane
to take off
to muffle
the sound

somewhere tonight
an 80 year
old man is
tired of
being on oxygen
24 hours
a day
so he takes
it off and
dies in his sleep
the only explanation
is how carefully
he wrapped
the tubing
when he
put the
on his porch

somewhere tonight
a Brazilian
college student
plays at parkour
after smoking
out the window
of his hotel
his fall becomes
a thousand questions
asked between
his friends and
family long after
the memorial service

somewhere tonight
a young mother
decides she will
leave her children
behind rather
then spend one
more night with
that man and
those kids will
eat blame like
breakfast cereal
for the rest of
their lives

and somewhere
tonight on
nationwide TV
someone asks
the actor
Keanu Reeves
what happens
when we die

and he says
all I know
for sure is
the people
who love us
will really
miss us.


I only ever travelled in the military

So I
can’t tell you
if that mountain
behind Bastion
Hospital had
hiking trails
or tell you
anything about
the local

and all
I can tell
you about
Kuwait was
that in a
gym watching
a huge screen
tv I heard
Pink sing
a song to
her daughter
that made me
miss my kids
so much I
started to
ugly cry

and about
fifty American
soldiers noticed
but nobody
said a word
because they
all knew
exactly how
I felt.

5 Responses to “Matt Borczon”

  1. …”every travelled”?

  2. priscampbell Says:

    Matt Borczon os one of my favorite poets. These two fit right in with his very best work,

  3. Margaret Walker Says:

    This left me in tears. So very moving. I agree with Pris Campbell.

  4. So much impact in such a brief and lovely few lines and words. Very visual and evocative of such huge life moments.

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