Rob Plath


daisy in thunderstorm

early june
12:16 am
sitting on
green couch
listening to
rain storm
my napping
cat’s eyes open
when it thunders
but placing
my palm
on the knobs
of her spine
her sweet lids
close again



at last

i played the reel
of my birth
in reverse
suddenly the screaming
turned to silence
the hot coat of blood
was erased
red stitch by red stitch
the purple-blue
noose-like umbilical
unbraided itself
the cocoon turned
into a single cell
my mother’s & father’s
skins unfused
from one another
& moved to opposite
sides of the bed
& above a brooklyn rooftop
i was starlight again



this will be you one day

today alone
in the cemetery
i bent to watch
a group of ants
carry a corpse
of a spider
towards their hill
while another group
moved grains of earth
away from the mouth
of the mound
so the corpse could fit
down the hole
& i thought of humans
walking over this scene
or stamping it out
& how ultimately
this is their fate
no matter what they do
& i laughed
as the spider corpse
disappeared down
the hole in the little hill
like it never spun silk
or drew blood
like it never was at all

One Response to “Rob Plath”

  1. Marc Olmsted Says:

    Great work, Rob…as always…

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