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Rearview by Antonia Clark

Posted in Antonia Clark with tags on March 15, 2018 by Scot


As far back as I can see,
there’s no one coming, just
a long, long stretch of Iowa road
unwinding behind me. No trace
of what I’m leaving — a house
I need to believe is full of absence.
We always made love in the dark
in case we needed to pretend
it hadn’t happened.

Dry grass and rusted fences
rush by like bad memories.
I have to keep reminding myself
that I’m the one in motion.
This road’s so straight, all I can do
is accelerate, watch for a sign,
an exit. Still, from time to time,
I adjust the rearview mirror as if
I might catch sight of you, crazy
with pain and desire and change
of heart, gaining on me.

Driving Home After Drying Out by Antonia Clark

Posted in Antonia Clark with tags on December 14, 2010 by Scot

Towns I’ve never heard of pop up
on exits — Temperance, Dryden.
No one risks a joke. My mother
insists on music — loud AM
country, full of losers, heartache,
hard living. The words, she says, just
kill me. I read the warning signs
ahead: Caution. Slippery When Wet.