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Two Poems by ave jeanne

Posted in ave jeanne with tags on March 17, 2010 by Scot

PORTRAIT: in the mirror

this fragile vegan
to alter, amend people
one by one
two by two
who saunter saturday
hand in hand
into the meat store
bright lites above
saying open open
where hangs
abundant dead bodies
these animals who once
with sun on back
freely walked under sky
earth under hoof
larger then life
voices great & might

in mirror dirty
i remain

PORTRAIT: watching sunlight in philadelphia

this grass and tree
resilient sit
to our assembly
but the sun
a sire strong
knows a method
to command
attention all

how jealous
are we
mere spectators
who daily abuse,
spit out trash to earth
absorb air & cloud
eat animals
away toss money

they seldom hear
voices stir
in places foreign
forgotten from tv
or a recent blog

this grass and tree
resilient sit
as faces burn,
children eat hungry
while we walk
under the same sun