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RELOCATION by Barry Graham

Posted in Barry Graham with tags on September 21, 2009 by Scot

I make no difference
I remember holding hands with
a girl named samantha wright
when I was in 1st grade
at paradise elementary school
I was made
to relocate

five hundred and eighty five
miles away from her sweet hand
and I haven’t seen her since
she never thinks of me and
I only think of her when
I miss my childhood
I am half awake

at 2:42 am
devising a plan to repay
all that I owe and
dreaming of shy kisses
on soft sweet hands
I’ve been gone
for so long

I am no longer certain
that paradise is home
to all god’s angels
fourteen years
have gone by
and even my mother
is yet to return

OUR FINAL HOUR …by Barry Graham

Posted in Barry Graham with tags on January 23, 2009 by Scot

in the final hour of human
existence, no just god will allow

any nation to stand which was
built upon the backs of slaves.

so hopefully while the rest of
the world crumbles the always gracious

citizens of the united states of america
will let everyone come live there.

except for me and my family
we will be hiding in iceland

or maybe greenland I can never
remember which one is really frozen

and which one has all the
sporadic volcanic eruptions