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Wearing the Clown Nose by Bill Gainer

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If you want to be taken seriously
you have to get their attention
Once you do
bring in the monkeys.

BOOK REVIEW:  Church: Retrospective by Missy Church

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church book

Reviewed by Bill Gainer



Missy Church – is someone who knows how to pull herself through the muck, slush, beauty and passion of life’s mind fields.  Her poems are woven from the fiber of what makes her breath. She allow you to feel, touch, see, be part of, and search through that jumble of emotions that passed through all of our days.  Church doesn’t waste time telling you the who, where, or why she is – she whispers her rage, her vulnerability, the emotional content of her every day. Reading her is as if she’s sitting in the room with you waiting to be held, waiting for you, the MIssy Church at Nomadic Press, Photo Cassandra Dallettreader, to help contain the emotional explosion of a young woman spinning in the chaotic jumble of what is.  Read her, love her.  In Church: Retrospective se give you that “more” of what poems are supposed to be.  She goes to the inside of things. And it’s beautiful.  Did I mention, Church and her work are easy to fall in love with?  Read her and you will – too.

*photo by Cassandra Dallet

Two Poems by Bill Gainer

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An Afternoon Nap

The flight didn’t really last that long
but there was that moment
that one moment when it felt like the sky
had no bottom.
Looking down
there was nothing to see
blue, gray, a mist of pink
no birds, dust, leaves blowing
just me, for a moment free
from whatever it is
chains me to myself.



The Long Goodbye

She had that smile,
you know that smile,
the bad news smile.

She told me what they said
the best results
things they could try.

I wanted to say
I’ll miss you
but you don’t
you don’t
say those things
at least
you’re not supposed to.

We set close
one tear away

wanting to know
and hoping
would take a long
long time
to say.



Bill Gainer holds a BA from St. Mary’s College and a MPA from the USF.  He is the publisher of the PEN Award winning R. L. Crow Publications and is the ongoing host of Red Alice’s Poetry Emporium. Gainer is internationally published and is known across the country for giving legendary fun filled performances. His latest book, Lipstick and Bullet Holes, is from Epic Rites Press, Canada (2014). Visit:

the poetry of Bill Gainer

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The Last Time We Talked

(for José Montoya)

Stopped by to see him
drop a few books off
chat a while.
We hit on this
and that.
Nothing too important.
Asked how he’d been.
“Man, whatever it is
I got it so bad
even my skin hurts.”
I told him he looked good,
he grinned,
showed me his sketch book.
We sat in the little room
off to the right
in the front.
He said the chair there
was better
he had a TV
we could listen to the news
if I wanted.
When I left
he gave me a little salute,
two finger, a tilt of the head,
said, “Fly high man – adios.”
I haven’t been over
to that part of D street
in a while now.
No reason.


Of Good

Nothing good happens
till after the crucifix
and St. Christopher
come off
and you forget about
not wanting to be bad.


A Place in the Quiet

The hour
when the one
changes it all.
Nothing before,
if it ever did,
The light’s
angle thins,
the day’s eyes
close – slow.
You’re left
to yourself


Lima Beans

When the old man died
we quit eating Lima beans.
Still, they’re there
in the canned goods aisle
and he’s still here with me.
He used to love those things.
Me, not so much.
Milk-toast sometimes,
when the money’s short
and you gotta make do,
but Lima Beans, no …



The Sum of Less

There wasn’t
a quiet moment
with her –
were you expecting



Frail Flowers

Her grandmother,
the frail flower
sits in the same chair
asks the same question
what channel’s
Merv Griffins on
today, yesterday

She hopes
when they meet
in heaven
it will be different.
Maybe Merv
will be there
sit with her
hold hands
watch old reruns
talk about the events
of the day – 1962
a good year
for flowers to bloom.



The Fool’s Market

once used thrown
in the barrel
at the end
of the counter.
Marked down
Now and then
they go through
throw the ones
at the bottom
They’re hard
to sell
when they get

A History of Broken Love Things by SB Stokes

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Punk Hostage Press, ISBN: 978-1940213927
review by Bill Gainer

From his A History of Broken Love Things we are quick to realize SB Stokes knows things. He knows about things that are done, but never finished. It’s these complications he writes about: love, loss, longing, wishes, dreams and the memory of a touch from a first encounter. At times he’s the playful child teasing a weary sister, bouncing his words with a mischievous heart. He strings them together like Mardi Gras beads, leaves them hanging on bedside lamp shades – reminders of things that do not end.

Stokes knows love, loss and longing are things we do, never finish, there is always another time to reach out – touch what could have been, hold what is – blow into the embers. He knows wishes, the last always stepping on the next – time making each more specific as it pushes us through its ever narrowing slot – wishing for what could be. Dreams, he knows about dreams – the keepers of possibility, each night awaking new, each morning another opportunity for a secret lost. And her, he knows her, that someone always waiting to be met, always a hand outstretched, always the offer of a forever – I love you.

Stokes knows a breath can pass empty as well. Maybe this is why some hold on so tightly, refusing to leave when called, hoping to finish something that can never be. Stokes leaves this question for another time. His concern is the now, the doing. He knows it is the doing that gives life its reason, love its grace, a wish its promise, a dream its magic and the memory of a first touch its forever. SB Stokes knows the History of Broken Love Things. Read him, enjoy him, I did, I do.

Bill Gainer, Lipstick and Bullet Holes

Two Poems by Bill Gainer

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Fuck Hope

How long
can you believe
in an empty faith
before saying
fuck hope
pulling the pistol
telling the clerk
to hand it over
for a clean

Yeah –
go with
the wishes.
They’re easier
to accept
for the longshots
they are –
seldom break
and there’s always
the chance
of coming up big.

Hope –
fuck hope.
There’s too many strings.
You have to believe
in things:
The mysteries of god
why leaves are always
and that the death of Jesus
a suicide.

Because God’s Never Done

After the wars are gone
and all the bombs searched for,
some kid will chase
a worn-out soccer ball
down a makeshift field,
kick something just hard enough –
because that’s what kids do.
The old folks will argue
about the crater,
fill it in, plant some grass,
call it a safe place,
a gift from God.
Somebody’s mom
will be left wondering

Relics of Lust by Lynne Savitt–reviewed by Bill Gainer

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Available  at
lynnes bookWhen reading Savitt’s Relics of Lust you soon learn there is always one more secret to tell. To find it – turn the page. She has a way of not saying it, but allowing it – to touch you in those places that tremble from the inside out. She writes with a short breath, dares you to catch yours and reminds the world everyone is looking. Then there’s that thing about touch; when-where-how? Now, there, gently – but it is okay to bite. Just a little. Savitt doesn’t always have to be first, but she does want her turn. Relics of Lust is the scattering of the pieces of a life lived – loved well, just far enough from sin to almost be safe. She confesses, “… danger lurks in the potpourri of my / love I carry a 9 mm glock & sage / scented candles in my summer purse.” After reading Savitt I wanted to touch my finger to my tongue, breathe out slowly and just sit awhile. If you chose to read her, be careful. The secret she tells might be yours. I liked mine.

Bill Gainer, Lipstick and Bullet Holes