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Bradford Middleton

Posted in Bradford Middleton with tags on November 9, 2022 by Scot



Tonight I’m going back to the start
As I sit here, disconnected & smoking
More & more all the time, with just
This typing machine, a big fat smoke
& a lusciously full decanter of wine
For company I have nothing else I need
To make this a truly righteous night
Spent working on these words as I have
For years now…


I was on my way to the mecca of
Expensive drinks and lavish lives
The other day and going from station
To station I noticed one thing about
All the towns between here and the
Hallowed turf of blessed south
London, a place someone I thought
I knew once told me I should move
To, any reason he saw for me to
Escape the torture of this life down
Here in this crazed hole by the edge
Of the sea, and as we progressed
North the one thing I noticed was
All the towns looked the same and
I almost instantly thought that all
The inhabitants would look the same
And all their minds would think the
Same and it would be a nightmare
Like Invasion of the Body-snatchers
But with chartered accountants in
Place of aliens and I know right now
They ain’t ever gonna be the life for me.


Tonight I’ll Stalk the Street of the Dead by Bradford Middleton

Posted in Bradford Middleton with tags on June 20, 2020 by Scot


Tonight i’ll go down the
Street of the dead looking
For fun on this random
Tuesday night. I’ll be out
Looking for my Henry Darger
A genius unafraid to go
Unrecognised until after
They’ve gone.

The street crawls with the
Living dead, the wide-eyed
Junk fueled detritus who’ve
Found a new home. More
Likely something closer to
Death here in this lunatic
Asylum by the edge of the sea.