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READY FOR LIFT OFF by Brett Underwood

Posted in Brett Underwood with tags on April 26, 2017 by Scot



Take your wait off
Strap your wings on

Gotta get away from you Cretins!
Flying higher and higher

While faceless slaves
feed the beast
Grow, slaughter, cook and serve
the feast

Sew the walkabout threads
stripped from wheels
Spin willy-nilly wobbly heels
Shuffle feet
Scuttle butt
Talking the talk
Walking the walk
Clod-kickin’ nomads
Riddling clichés
In piecemeal-economic class
majority of days
Knotting and tangling
Screaming and steaming
Angels falling in teams
Coaxing hope from men and children
Suffering guilt and schemes
for flavored vodka
to put out the flames.

Faceless in frenzied crowds
not their piglets for a tit
Sweet silk web of perks
Splinters in their lips

It’s a wooden cow
Eating the genius grass of now
Madness habit
Horses clip-clopping through the sky,
Hot on the trail of a giant carrot,
On the end of a string
Tied to a stick unseen.
Burning spear becomes the sun.

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