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OUCH IS ALL YOU NEED by Brian Rihlmann

Posted in Brian Rihlmann, Uncategorized with tags on November 20, 2020 by Scot


a woman I don’t know
posted a question
in a Facebook poetry group—
explain love in one word
and it only took a fraction
of a second
and I already knew
but first I
scrolled down the page—
truth beauty selflessness
trust infinite god christ
and then
with my middle finger
I tapped out the word

GHOST VISIT by Brian Rihlmann

Posted in Brian Rihlmann with tags on November 15, 2019 by Scot


He’s been gone
a couple months now,
but the waves keep coming,
as her sniffles and sobs
drift through the office.

But today I hear a snort,
an eruption of giggling,
and glance over
to see her
hunched over her desk,
hands covering her mouth.

After a moment,
she sits back
in her chair, sighs,
and whispers,
“Honey, you’ve got to quit
saying stuff like that
while I’m at work.”

I look around,
but I see no traces,
hear no echoes.

He’s only here
for her.

OH WELL by Brian Rihlmann

Posted in Brian Rihlmann with tags on May 13, 2019 by Scot
this was just another morning
when I pulled into the parking lot
of the coffee shop
and saw the lilacs blooming
in the island
surrounded by the red curb
and didn’t feel like walking over
and smelling them
oh well…
I guess I’ve smelled them
haven’t I?