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It’s Just Not Interesting by Daniel Crocker

Posted in Daniel Crocker with tags on October 28, 2010 by Scot

You’re drunk
I told you not to come
over here if you were

I came over anyway

Get out
you have to go
you’ve disappointed me
one too many times

Okay I’m going

Don’t go
I don’t want you to go
I just don’t know why
you drink so much

I’m a drinker

I don’t like it
it upsets me

She gets in bed
and starts reading
Don Delillo

She’s naked

It’s just not interesting
all that drinking

and I think
my god
this girl
naked in bed
with the body she has
those beautiful tits
that pussy
and she’s reading
Don Delillo

It doesn’t make you attractive

I say you’d be surprised
how many chicks dig it

She says this guy is brilliant
and buries her nose in the book

She likes Don Delillo
I like titties
I sense a problem here
like maybe this isn’t going
to work out

but I’ve not been put through the
ringer in awhile,
so I go with it.

It could be interesting.