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Thrown Away by Ian Copestick

Posted in Ian Lewis Copestick with tags on August 16, 2019 by Scot


I remember when I was younger
Much younger, just left school
In fact. I was in college, I was
Supposed to be studying to be
An engineer. I had no interest at all
In engineering. The only thing about
College that was fun was going
To the pub at lunchtime.
Eventually they threw me out
For turning up two hours late
For afternoon classes, so drunk
That I could hardly stand.
Anyway, I remember the main
Lecturer as he kicked me out
Of there, giving me a real bloody
Lecture. He looked down at my
File, open on his desk and told
Me how I had thrown away
Every opportunity I had ever
Had. I think he meant the
Scholarship to a posh private
School that I was given at 11.
I hated it and left after a year.
” Every chance you’ve been
Given, you just throw them all
Away. ”
Perhaps that’s why now, 30
Years later, I find myself so
Often rooting through the
Rubbish of life.
I’m trying to work out just what
It was I threw away and seeing
If I can find it again.

Bertie by Ian Copestick

Posted in Ian Lewis Copestick with tags on December 4, 2018 by Scot

Well, I’ve just heard that another
One has gone, to drugs. an old
Friend that I grew up with. Now I’m
Not saying that he was in any way
Special or remarkable, he wasn’t.
If anything he was a shady,
Thieving little prick. The type
That if you shook his hand, you’d
Better count your fingers afterwards
But still, when it’s someone
Who you’ve known all of your
Life, been through times both
Good and bad with, it still
Hits home.
It’s not like I ever wanted to
Meet him again, but now that
I know that I will never again see
His gormless grin……….
No !
I am not being honest here
After all of the stunts he
Pulled on me, I could have
Quite easily killed him myself.
But still
It’s one more gone
Another piece of my past
That has been erased
And that’s
I feel


Ian Lewis Copestick is a 46 year old writer from Stoke on Trent England. He has published 40 poems in 10 different Zi and plans to keep on doing it and hopefully out a book.