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Somewhere In the Dark by James Babbs

Posted in James Babbs with tags on March 21, 2016 by Scot

she’s still beautiful and
I knew she would be
when I saw her again
after such a long time
she’s the kind of woman
who will age gracefully
who will always turn men’s heads
no matter how old she gets
the kind of woman
I will think about
every now and then
when I’m sitting by myself
somewhere in the dark
the kind of woman
who will laugh softly
before pushing the hair
away from her face
the kind of woman
who makes it feel okay
when she slowly turns
and walks away
after telling you goodbye

Last Night I Dreamed About My Mother by James Babbs

Posted in James Babbs with tags on November 3, 2015 by Scot

last night
I dreamed about my mother
but not the way she was
at the end of her life
when she was confined to her bed
in the nursing home
the scarred tile floor
going from the front door
all the way to her room
this time she was young
her long dark hair falling
down past her shoulders
and she was able to walk again
moving around the room
waving her arms in the air
while I sat at the table
watching her
I was a little boy again
and she kept trying to make me laugh
most of the room
was hidden in darkness
and I wanted to touch her
but every time I reached for her
she was too far away

Yellow & Green Make Blue by James Babbs

Posted in James Babbs with tags on January 28, 2015 by Scot

for the first time this year
I saw the yellow crop duster
swooping down from the sky
it flew low over the corn
before making the sharp turn and
avoiding the power lines
I thought about
how quickly time goes by
the way the days rush past and
nothing lasts for very long
then I thought about
the beautiful girl who lived on the corner
in the big green house
how many years ago
she’s a middle-aged woman now
they’ll be harvesting the corn again
trucks loaded with grain
driving up and down the roads
leaving the empty fields behind
summer turning into fall again
the wind will suddenly shift
the snow come falling down

haiku by James Babbs

Posted in James Babbs with tags on July 8, 2014 by Scot


we strolled arm in arm
now I walk this path alone
feet crunching dead leaves

But I’m Still Here by James Babbs

Posted in James Babbs with tags on August 4, 2012 by Scot

I got stuck
those first few years
after high school
my early 20s
when I thought
I had it made
working some shit job
blowing everything I earned
on drinking and
every now and then
there was a woman
if I was lucky
but it never seemed
to last for very long
but I was happy
just going out and
getting drunk
I was happy
just sitting around
not worrying about the future
I wanted everything
to stay the same
I never wanted
anything to change and
I guess
I still don’t
but everybody keeps leaving me
they either die
or they get lost
out in the world and
I don’t hear from them
it’s like this for years
but I’m still here
the same place
I’ve always been and
still not sure
where it is I belong