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Four Poems by James D. Quinton–1977-2012

Posted in James D Quinton with tags on September 27, 2012 by Scot

sympathetic, but swift

she blew out
the candle I lit
for her
but swift

now she’s
being romanced
talking like
her and him
are the first
lovers the
world has ever
or have
to a plain
that’s hasn’t been
burton and taylor

I wait for it
to end
lit match hovering
over wick and wax

fingers getting


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schoolgirls look more like porn stars these days by James D Quinton

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I worked for a while
in a convenience store
near a high school
everyday they’d come in
aged around 14-16 years
painted faces, short skirts, high heels

and then on the weekends
as I drank and smoked
in my favourite night spot
I’d see the same girls
illegally enjoy the night
hanging together in
a tight group
shy and apprehensive
in such an adult environment
painted up and wearing
shorter skirts, higher heels
their slender frames
silhouetted by the various
coloured lights sweeping
the dance floor

the guys would move in
picking off the girls
in the group one by one

their loss of innocence
sealed in a car park
or a back seat
or knees grazed

on broken concrete


BIO: James D Quinton is a British fiction and poetry writer and is managing editor of Open Wide Magazine. Recent accepted poetry has appeared in Zygote in My Coffee, Blacklisted Magazine, Chiron Review, Dead Snakes, The Fox Chase Review and Spudgun Magazine. His second novel ‘The Victorian Time Traveller’ is gaining positive reviews. It is available on Amazon.