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Three poems by Jenn Knickerbocker and Jake St. John

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Eres Tú

I have left
the flesh
of my heart
along the roads
I travel

for you
and exposed

I tremble
at the
mere thought
of you

I have walked
miles of sunshine
and rain
simply to catch
a glimpse

It is you
that makes me
catch my breath

It is you
that creates
each smile

It is you
that carries
my heart
in porcelain hands

It is you.




to grasp terrain
on the way up
lead to a resolution
being stronger
on the way down
morning still has me
grabbing my head
not knowing
east from west
north from south
or why you’re not here
even when descending
upon the lush green
one cannot see
the road ahead
when their eyes
are sheltered
and fear the view.


Sense of Being

My eyes
have traveled
the curves
of the earth
restless and weary
as they search
for purpose

My fingers
have navigated
the skin
of history
coarse and exposed
as they try
to grasp reality

My tongue
has tasted
the mouths
of oceans
articulate and accessible
as it proclaims
conscience and character

My ears
have heard
the songs
of mountains
majestic yet serene
as they filter
melody from noise

My nose
has inhaled
the perfumes
of forests
brisk and invigorating
as it defines
my soul and being

and my heart
has been
by you.