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State Farm Knows by KC Bosch

Posted in KC Bosch with tags on August 8, 2020 by Scot


My insurance agent
set me up with an artisan package.
I am a builder and a handyman.
It didn’t matter to me what they call it,
I’m covered.
I fix old things, I make new things.
It is my kind of art.
I only own most of them
until the project is done.
They will always be mine,
but often I never see them again.
Unless I get to revisit
when doing other work at the same jobsite.
Many are just memories and photos.
I do take photos of everything.
Want to see my photos?
OK I understand.
Funny thing is some of the best,
some of my favorites
are jobs that disappear.
New additions that look as old as the house.
Patched hardwood flooring that can’t be seen.
I leave artwork in my wake
and would love to stake
a sign in every yard.
not really.
The people who know, know,
they are the ones who count.
I know that they know.
It’s one of those old things.

Prayer Cards by KC Bosch

Posted in KC Bosch with tags on July 22, 2016 by Scot

Baseball cards
of the dead
They give them
away for free.
Well at least you don’t
pay with money.
Folded hands, or Jesus, or
a dated portrait with
some invocation.
No chewing gum included.
I got my rookie card
when I was still
in middle school
and have been collecting
them ever since.
The players come from
all parts of my life.
Most of them are drafted,
but a lot are walk-ons.
Some even from
the same team.
It has been a busy season
and we are not even
at the all-star break.
I thought I had a full set
but every year
they keep printing more.
I guess the only thing
that could be worse
is if they start sending
save the date cards.