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IT’S GOTTA BE AOC by Marc Janssen

Posted in Marc Janssen with tags on June 29, 2020 by Scot

Foxes newest bogeyman
Of course not a member of the clan,
Catcher her catch her, if you can
This darling of C-SPAN
Makes Hannity look like a caveman
A madman
Just keep dishing that garbage, man.

She just got there they whine
Obsess about her hem line
Confused she’s not a concubine
Don’t understand the green lifeline
Blow up and keep stepping on that landmine
Not bowing to a dollar sign
Or mainline
Made a cutout of her next to the “Socialist breadline.”

Every day’s another slight
Another note that she’s not that white
More from the deranged alt right parasite,
More from the slant-head luddite,
More from the establishment snakebite-
To them she’s kryptonite
She a Jacobite, a blazing light, a frigging muscovite
But the reality is, she’s smart, integrity and up to the fight.

SYZYGY by Marc Janssen

Posted in Marc Janssen with tags on November 15, 2019 by Scot

When things align

If I put this block
Next to that in this empty
Space, attraction

Multiply gravity

If I put this block
On the ground it sleeps nicely
On the larger block


If I slip this block
Between these other two blocks
They’ll rip it to shreds

Just to be together
Just to be together