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Zombie America by Matt Sradeja

Posted in Matt Sradeja with tags , on November 22, 2016 by Scot


Shit just got real dumb.
If freedom is a breakfast food
I should think that justice is heart healthy too.
What a fool I have been.

The Frosted Flakes will have to melt
further into the bowl of curdled up milk.
The unthwarted popped collar America
has better lives to steal again to live.

The police bring into every home
onions to chop and the tears never end.
One day bleeds into another
we can watch it on the nightly news.

No one expects to see one of us
not let go, everyone knows how
to let go, of life and love. Right?
It would be unreal to not let go.

That is something only zombies do.

Dispersed by Matt Sradeja

Posted in Matt Sradeja with tags on October 8, 2013 by Scot

Ain’t that the truth
I would say that
Damn near everything
That can be dispersed
Has been spread thin
As thin as the single ply toilet paper
At just about every rest stop
Between here and east Jesus
For Christ sake
And paper
Ain’t the half of it
Shit, shit is what we pass
Through the system
And call it money
We bleed money
We do
You can call it
Commerce or capitalism
Call it rainbow bright
If that is what gets you through the night
Dispersed is what you get
When the union and the company
Can’t get a decent contract together
And the pain is felt on the factory floor
I’d say the shit has been dispersed
Pretty damned well enough
When the chairman of the union committee
Packs up his tools in the night and walks away
There must be something dragging him away
From his union brothers
Lord knows what it could be