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Stranger I Have a Question by Melanie Browne

Posted in Melanie Browne with tags on June 28, 2013 by Scot

I am watching you walk away
as I stand in line at the Yogurt shop,

You half-heartedly check your phone
and hesitate as if the choice

Is between a million shark bites
or a drop off a long, long, pier

I want to ask you about
Man’s future,

Will you stay here on Planet Earth
or will you go off-world?

An asteroid is only a matter of time
Or so they say,

There are Plagues, overpopulation, wars,
And let’s not forget boredom,

Stranger, I have a question
It will only take a second

Sampson and The Bees by Melanie Browne

Posted in Melanie Browne, Uncategorized with tags on May 24, 2010 by Scot

It is said that
Sampson ate
some Honey
from the carcass
of a lion
with his bare hands

But he was lonely
eating that honey
all by himself
and I bet it
didn’t taste
all that great
after all,
it did come
from a
dead lion’s body,
and touching
a carcass
was forbidden

He decided to
have a glass of wine &
get naked
he got a
little freaky
with his nudity
and all that honey

It all felt so
being naked,
the way the
honey felt against
his skin,
The fact that
he had torn
a lion to shreds
with God’s favor
and sheer

It was a great day
for Sampson

The sun reminded her by Melanie Browne

Posted in Melanie Browne on September 13, 2009 by Scot

of a giant
orange Christmas
bubble light.
she wanted to
string it around
her waist and enter
one of those endless
dance contests,
the kind where people
drop like flies,
the kind where people
sweat behind the knees

A combination of
mad, mad, lust &
dangerous ecstasy

The sun reminded her
of hard work,
a Grapes of Wrath
type work,
people pounding
the pavement
trying to avoid
the falconer’s knot

The sun reminded her
of something
like that