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Two Poems by Milt Montague

Posted in Milt Montague with tags on July 20, 2014 by Scot


I charge you to
go out into our world
as it now exists
replete with its
manifold injustices

we allowed to accumulate
by ignoring discrimination
which bred injustice
that has festered into
a cancer on our society

there are millions
of our citizens
poorly fed
poorly clothed
poorly educated

without health care
predestined to poverty
and hopelessness
for themselves and their
future generations

while a minuscule minority
manipulate our system
enacting special laws
to reap the benefits
of our once great society

you are our last chance
to restore this country
to the status quo ante
while there is yet time


 Numbers 28 7-10


The Lord spake unto Moses
Regarding proper sacrifices
To be made unto Him
Both at sunrise and sunset
With great specificity

One unblemished lamb
Ritually slaughtered
Three quarts of flour
Two quarts of oil
As the meat offering

Set afire on the alter
As a burnt offering to The Lord
One liter of strong wine
Poured on the altar
As a drink offering to The Lord

This Holy ritual
Was a mandated daily routine
Save for Sabbaths and Holy days
When more elaborate offerings were
Described in consummate detail

It seems that we are all made
In the image of our creator
Who likes a stiff drink
With his meals
As we do



bio: milt montague was born in the 1920’s in new york city, survived the depression, school, and world war 2.   fell in love, married, raised three wonderful daughters, retired and went back to school.  after twenty years at hunter college in new york city, he fell in love with poetry.