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Bitchez Brew III– Rusting in the Truck featuring ML Heath

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Poetry of ML Heath

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greasy rain pisses down
these inclined streets
cascading into the scurrying dissatisfied
San Francisco downtown.

This won’t help the homeless.
This won’t help the helpless.

Everybody hurts now in Haiti,
yet bone china bone idol karaoke
won’t help either.

So allow yourselves a backpat,
overfed celebrity scum.

Those you attempt to aid
are already far too after-shocked
and numb.


From room eight at the Albert by ML Heath

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Knowing not where my next meal will
come from
I cast my last crumbs of bread on
the water
Knowing not how I will make my
next dollar
I pick up a penny on the street for
good luck
Knowing not what way I can hit my
highest note
I sing in the subway hoping someone will
see or care
Knowing not what will arouse my
deepest desires
I lower my trousers and continue to pump
quarters into slots
Knowing not who will ever allot me my highest
I pick up this pen and write another damned

Albert Hotel, Mission District, San Francisco