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Aesop’s Snake by Moriah LaChapell

Posted in Moriah LaChapell with tags on August 3, 2013 by Scot

On a cold morning
a woman went for a walk
and found
a snake immobile
in the middle
of a dirt road.

The snake said to the woman
“Please help me lady, I am stuck
in the middle of the road
and fear someone
will run me over.”

She took pity on the snake
whose scales shone like emeralds
in the cold morning sun.
She picked him up
and placed him
next to her unlaced bosom
and carried him home.
She started a fire
and sat down.
She whispered to him
that all would be well.

He slowly slithered
out of her dress
and with a quick strike
bit her wrist.
She screamed in surprise
and knew his poison
would slowly kill her.

She asked him
“Why did you do this to me?”
He replied
“You knew I was a snake
when you picked me up

Truck Driver from Missouri by Moriah LaChapell

Posted in Moriah LaChapell with tags on June 23, 2013 by Scot

He’s been coming here
for 9 years
hauling plants
from Oregon
to any garden
center that buys
the green
distinctively better
He has kind
brown eyes
and a drawl
that’s slow
like molasses.
We ate lunch
together and talk
about storm shelters,
and our children.
When lunch ends
he tells my boss
“You should let her
take the afternoon
I laughed
and walked away.
15 trucks
will leave this place
and roll down I-5
by the time
Friday evening