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Quiet Night… by Puma Perl

Posted in Puma Perl with tags on February 2, 2009 by Scot

it’s quiet now that everyone’s gone home
the neighbors are sleeping.   nobody has climbed
onto a fire escape to curse the sky in drunken
rage, the disturbed man upstairs took his med
doors are unslammed.   it=E 2s peaceful in the apartment
down the hall, no police have been called
to restrain the youngest of five sons who curses
his mother when he’s drunk, she can rest tonight
and get ready to work another day.  it’s quiet
in the aftermath of too much food and loud
talk, even the cars have stopped honking, they coast
swiftly down the highway, they want to go home
their=2 0drivers are sleepy, radios turn to jazz
the wind knows we’re tired and has stopped
its nightly howl, there are no sirens tonight,
no barking dogs, it’s quiet but for the singing
of the air and the words dancing in our heads
it’s a tender dance, it moves gracefully almost
silently across the floor, in step with the softest
music of the night, babies dream to it , their
tired mothers hold them as they finally close
their eyes, they do not cry tonight, they rock
gently, as we do, listening to the quiet