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American Sentence by RD McManes

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Drunken sex isn’t the best, definitely not the worse, some trumps none.

jamming with jimi by R.D. McManes

Posted in R.D. McManes with tags on July 8, 2013 by Scot

jimi said in a haze
purple always was my color
but i like it before she fades
and then he smiles
only to vanish
in another blind line
straight into a maze

but in the eyed mind
there is more
to see or believe
nobody tongues a guitar
or fingers flatten frets
belts out a tune
like jimi did

his lips pursed
around the sky
the silver moon falls
in the morning
the little rooster crows red
cause he can’t do purple
not like jimi did

ride the musical train by R.D. McManes

Posted in R.D. McManes with tags on August 26, 2012 by Scot

here it is
the inside story
elvis is alive (he is very old)
i’ve seen him
on street corners
and velvet paintings
adorn bedroom walls

lennon’s passing
took the fab out of four
george is gone too
paul and ringo
still with us
half the beatles
willhave to do

jimi still has a band
somewhere out there
electrons dance
to his latest refrain
purple flashes in the haze
and my old eyes mist
with experience