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Siempre by Robert L. Penick

Posted in Robert L. Penick on November 10, 2015 by Scot

I remember you touched by holier hands
than mine and leaning into that void of
helplessness, your brown eyes scared with
the realization of who you were not and
what you were not becoming. Your hands
would clutch at any icon: The crucifix,
the phallus, the bottle of mad misery
you poured yourself into, always hoping
for relief, wishing for a cure some magic
to change you from poor desperate creature
wash your insides bleach your heart put
back the broken and empty pieces and make
you clean and whole again your hourglass
refilled your high school yearbook face
unlined sixteen years old before everything
went away leaving cold night increased
gravity gut a wet mop inside you twisted
wringing wet and always slowly unwinding.

I remember you sad and proper, reminding yourself
Not to beg when the scraps were yours to keep.

Epitaph by Robert L. Penick

Posted in Robert L. Penick with tags on July 8, 2014 by Scot

The war is over.
I have made peace with myself
at last.

Why Some People Live While Others Are Set Free by Robert L. Penick

Posted in Robert L. Penick with tags on May 23, 2013 by Scot

It’s not a crapshoot, really.
Not a selection as random
as, say, lightning, which
has its own laws and logic,
general and ambiguous
though they be.
It has to do with time
and its subdivisions,
eternity broken into
bite-sized spans of life.
Each one a mote in
an infinite eye.
Sometimes just a glance
in twilight.